Enterprise database applications for PHP5.

The phpdb.org goal is to support and promote the development of enterprise applicaitons for PHP5. We recognize that the advanced new language features of PHP5 and the growing maturity of the tools and libraries written in PHP are making PHP an attractive new alternative for enterprise applications.

Creole is a fast & clean database abstraction layer for PHP. Creole provides an API modeled on Java's JDBC.

Propel is a full-service object persistence and query toolkit for PHP. This type of tool is also called an Object Relational Mapping (ORM). Propel is based on the Apache Torque project and written for PHP5.

Want to add a project? This site aims to eventually become a resource for PHP5 db tools besides Creole + Propel. Please send me an email with a logo & brief description. I will then keep you informed as this site develops.

The website Phpdb.org is temporarily unavailable due to technical work on it.